Florida Shows Concerning COVID-19 Trends

Carter Mecher MD -- Medical Advisor
August 10, 2021

Florida has become the epicenter of COVID-19, and without proper measures, other states will experience similar surges in cases.

Florida's COVID-19 situation is not slowing down. Florida reported 56K cases yesterday -- a total from the weekend and Monday, but now confusingly report the same number today -- 56K cases and 239 deaths, which are also multi-day totals. The number of people hospitalized increased to 15,169, an increase of 1,192 over the past 24 hours. Additionally, the number of people in the ICU increased to 3,060, an increase of 225 over the past 24 hours. Florida is experiencing a Category 5 wave, well above any wave they experienced before. This is not what Florida's leaders had expected and it isn't slowing down.

The problem is that if this keeps growing at about 30-40% per week, as bad as things are today, Florida could be 30-40% worse a week from now.  They need Federal help now. Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi are in the same position, and Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma and others are headed down the same trajectory.

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