Different Administrations and Similar Difficulties

August 25, 2021

Many may not want to hear this, but what has happened over the past 2 months has similarities to what unfolded in Feb-Mar of 2020 in terms of anticipating and responding to a looming threat.

Different administrations, different players, but a similar melody. Each administration was engaged in another serious simultaneous crisis in addition to COVID. The impeachment back in early 2020, and now, Afghanistan. Each administration had serious missteps and costly delays -- many of which were due to public health recommendations. These were related to the use of masks  (both how we failed to anticipate potential asymptomatic spread and need for masks for source control and now how we failed to anticipate potential spread by those who were vaccinated and rescinded mask mandates in May 2021 ahead of the delta wave).

Each Administration has over-estimated the protection afforded by a single layer of "Swiss cheese" (border restrictions then, vaccine now). We paid a steep price back then.  We are paying a steep price today.

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