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We partner with companies to deliver the knowledge they need to keep their employees, clients, and their business’ bottom lines healthy.
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We help protect lives and livelihoods.

Democratizing public health for private sector businesses by providing tailored expertise and analysis to ensure continuity of operations and employee/client safety. Replacing guesswork with intuitive and actionable recommendations. Quantifying risk and acting with autonomy and speed.

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Creating a Platform For Public Partnerships


We prevent the spread of disease by developing pandemic preparedness plans and offering guidance to ensure safe working and living conditions, including: cohorting, air filtration, distancing for high-traffic environments, hand hygiene and surfacing cleaning protocols, and PPE usage. We also conduct risk modeling for location-specific forecasting of cases.

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We detect disease by developing testing strategies using relevant methods that are tailored to our client needs. These include: managing testing logistics and initial staff training, viral genome sequencing of positive test results, analysis of viral genetic fingerprints to identify case clusters, transmission sources, and variant strains, and identifying whether cases result from transmission in facilities or are imported from the outside community.


We offer supercharged contact tracing and containment. This includes action-oriented recommendations for interventions specific to facilities and cohorts to address gaps in protocols, reporting and coordination with public health entities, and business continuity strategies.

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A Service for Prevention. Watch the Future of Forcasting.

Perfect prevention protocols informed by latest medical and public health science. Watch the video to understand how.

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