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We are on a mission to protect businesses and communities from infectious disease.

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We Are Committed to Integrity and Public Health Science

PHC has developed the first Public Health as a Service (PHaaS) platform for businesses, health care providers, and public health systems that systematically combines real-time public health data, containment best practices, and genomic epidemiology to prevent, detect, and contain costly disease outbreaks. PHC combines this platform with unparalleled public health expertise to give organizations easy-to-understand recommendations to strike the critical balance between the continuity of operations and the safety of employees and clients.

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“What scares me most... is our ability to respond to a new pathogen, maybe one we've never seen before, or an old pathogen, like influenza that's just mutated... we know that we have to be prepared for that."

- Dr. Charity Dean from the book, The Premonition, by the #1 New York Times best-selling author Michael Lewis.
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The U.S. probably has 2,000 Omicron cases already, according to 'dirty math' from a COVID expert who often advises the White House
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